Quiz 2

Compiled by:Suranjan

1.The name of which animal literally means "Old Man of the Forest"?
2. In which Asterix comic book would you find a chariot race scene inspired
by the famous one in Ben Hur?
3. How do we better know Lev Davidovich?
4. Name the Greek goddess of victory.
5. What is the middle name of Paul Macartney?
6. What is the significance of Drake's equation in radio astronomy?
7.Polish poetess Wislawa Szymsborska won the Nobel Prize for literature in
1996. Among the nominees who lost out to her was an extremely famous person
, whose fame strictly speaking was not literary in nature. Name this person
8. The name of which alcoholic beverage has a Celtic origin and literally
means '
Water of Life'
9. Excessive intake of what substance has the same effect on the brain as
10.What would have happened to you, if you were '



ANS 1: This was probably the easiest question of the lot ,and eminently
guessable. I am glad that most people got it. Its Orang Utan

ANS 2:This question invoked a gamut of answer ,but only Chandramouli got it
right. Yes Chandramouli, the answer is Asterix &the Cauldron(The blues came
last didn't it??). There are a lots of other chariot races in the other
adventures of the indomitable Gauls, but this is the one I am looking for.
The reason is that the frame in the book which shows the racing course is
taken in toto from a similar scene in the movie

ANS 3: Sorry about this , it was a bit vague. But a few people did get this .
The answer is Leon Trotsky.

Ans 4: Standard quizzing trivia. Good to see people getting it. Stands to
reason that there must be a lot of good quizzers around . The answer is Nike

ANS 5: This was a googly. Paul Macartney's, full name is James Paul.....So his
middle name is Paul.

ANS 6:
Frank Drake, a famous radio astronomer, came up with a formula for
estimating the number of communicating civilizations. This is called Drake's
equation.It involves 7 factors:
The rate of star formation per year TIMES
The fraction of those stars that have planets TIMES
The number of those planets that have suitable environments for life to
develop TIMES
The number of those planets where life actually does develop TIMES
The fraction of beings on those planets that actually develop intelligence
The fraction of intelligent civilizations that develop communications TIMES
The number of years that an intelligent civilization can survive

Using Drake's equation, it has been estimated that there are 40 intelligent,
communicating civilizations in our galaxy (the Milky Way).

ANS 7.There is a slight controversy surrounding this question. The answer I want
was Bob Dylan

ANS 8. Not surprisingly most people got this.When there's booze
The answer is whiskey and it is a derivative of an old Celtic word Uisque

Ans 9:
Another of my pet questions. The answer is Chocolates. Ayesha , you got
it right the first time. Why did you change it? Any way if nicotine affected
the brain in the same way as Marijuana. It would have been a whole lot
easier to ban cigarettes wouldn't it?

Ans 10: Lots of research seems to have gone into answering this,and people kept
quoting Webster's and a host of other dictionaries to me. Well, what I
wanted was the literal meaning of the word, which is
' Thrown out of the window'. This word has its origin from the german word
for window Fenestre (Excuse my spelling) and as far as I know had its origin
during the Reformation Movement(Lutheran) in Medieval germany. Anyone who's
mentioned "thrown out of a window" or something to that intent gets a point.

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