Quiz # 1
Contributed by:
Manjula S
Wipro Infotech, Enterprise Solutions, ITPL, B'lore.

1) Starting with Hindu mythology, what is the significance of the number
2) Whose autobiography is ' Passages from the life of a Philosopher'?
3) What was the name given to the unsuccessful invasion attempt by Cuban
exiles against Fidel Castro in 1961?
4) Now for some cricket, what is 'specs' in Cricket terminology?
5) He studied at IIT Kharagpur, an MBA Graduate, he is the son of a minister
( more associated with Farmers ) and is a present politician. Who am I
talking about?
6) Look at this famous telegraphic message. What is its significance?
Here it goes, ' What is the use of W.C without a seat?'. What W. C here
stand for?
This message was sent to his wife.
7) What is common to Indian Kathakali, Japanese Noh Plays & Shakespearan
8) He never wrote a book, but is regarded as one of the greatest philosopher
of all times. Who?
9) Needology refers to _________?
10) Since the political scenario is hotter now, Let's talk politics.
Who said this?
" There is no point in going all the way to Lahore on a bus. And
that too to meet someone like Nawaz Sharif. If it was Benazir
Bhutto then 'kum se kum pyar muhabbat ki baat hoti' ( at least
there would be some lovey-dovey talk) "


1)The radius of the earth multiplie by 108 gives the distance between
Earth and the Sun.
2)Charles Babbage.
3)The Bay of Pigs fiasco.
4)'Pair' in a match i.e. out for duck in both the innings
5)It is Ajit Singh.
6)It was Winston churchill when he lost an election in Manchester.
7)Actually, there are two similarities. One is that Men play the
role of women, and the other one is that in all the three mask is used.
8)Of course, without doubt it is Socrates.
9)It is the study of Nests.
10)Bal Thackeray as many got it right.

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