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An Original is hard to find but easy to recognise(except that 
sometimes recognition takes years to come!!!!). Acceptance is 
still harder to garner.....
My homepage is not the same run-of-the-mill page that tells you 
about favourite passtimes and sites which don't interest you in 
the least!  It is aimed at giving your colorless life a  splash 
of give it a shade that will make you feel like 

Jazz -up Your Life

Make that Decision-NOW!: Feel that slight hesitation to make snap decisions? Here's what you should do...
How to Bargain-Politely!: For all those shopping freaks, out there!
Antidote for Anxiety: Never feeling good enough!!?
Women Hate Men When...: Mend your ways, Boyz!
Mmmmm...Monsoon!: A monsoon trivia
Conjugal Bliss!!?: For those who wish to know the secrets...
Movie Review: "Achanak": Review of the latest movie I have seen with my ratings
FactFile: Sudhanshu: Wanna know a little about me!!?
Quiz World: Calling all the quiz freaks, try this out!!
My Wedding Pix: Be a part of my Wedding, June 27, 1999!!!
My Snap: Wanna see me!!!
My Team Mates: See me enjoying at work!
Sign the Guest Book: Let me get to know you and your views about my home page by signing it

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