I am called: Sudhanshu Deshpande

I was born on: 26th November, 1974

Star Sign: Sagittarius

My Profession: Sytems Engineer, Wipro Sstems, Bangalore, India.

I dig: Eating well cooked food and surfing the net.

Last book read: "Rainmaker" by John Grisham

Self Assessment: I am warm-hearted and sweet but not always gentle- I can take some pretty tough decisions! I have an infectious zest for life. I have a mind which thrives on variety but is starved when there is'nt enough stimulation. And when I don't get the mental nourishment which means so much to me, irritability tends to take over more often than not. I'll never hold back if someone is in genuine need but will shirk a person who tries to take undue advantage. Good conversation and good food appeals to me. I am extremely commited and very particular about being punctual and meeting deadlines.

My message: You live only once....LIVE IT UP!!!

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